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Species of sycamore are found in many places in the world.  The native North American sycamore is one of the country’s largest hardwood trees, the record having a diameter of fifteen feet, with three foot diameters being fairly common in the eastern United States.   Indians hollowed the tree for dugout canoes, and as large trees are prone to have the heartwood rot and the tree become hollow early settlers are said to have used fallen sycamore to shelter livestock. 

Sycamore is native to all states east of the Great Plains into east and south-central Texas and occasionally found growing native in north-central Texas. It is more commonly found planted in the Stephenville area as a “yard tree”. 

Sycamore wood finds widespread use in everything from flooring to fine furniture – a traditional use of the wood is in violin making.  Sycamore wood has interlocking grain; the wood fibers grow together in a woven pattern.  If the wood is cut at right angles to the growth rings, a method known as quarter-sawing, the wood shows a beautiful lacelike figure.   







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